Term & Condition

To book and/or confirm your tour, send us your preference or ask us for recommendations, we suggest you contact us via our booking form or email us at: info@cocalifeadventure.com 

We will need the following information:

  • Name of your chosen tour:
  • Desired start date:
  • Full name:
  • Passport number:
  • Date of Birth:
  • Nationality:
  • Allergies or dietary restrictions:

You will receive written confirmation of your reservation and your contract with coca life adventure after we receive the deposit required for your tour. Please carefully review your receipt confirmation to ensure that all names have been spelt correctly and appear exactly as they are in your passport. If any information is incorrect or incomplete, please contact us as soon as possible.  


  • One day tour  means any trip offered by Coca Life Adventure that only lasts one day; Coca Life Adventure asks for a deposit of USD$ 30.00 per person.
  • For Treks (Inca Trail tour, Alternative treks y Machu Picchu  by Train)to secure your booking with Coca Life Adventure, you must make a non-refundable deposit of USD $250.00 per person.
  • For Peru Itineraries of Packages: 50% of the total itinerary price.

PLEASE: Make sure to add the fees associated with your PayPal transaction 5%, Coca Life Adventure will be sending you a receipt indicating the exact amount we received from you and the amount of the balance to be paid upon your arrival in Cusco.

ACCEPTANCE: The Client agrees that the Client will be bound by these Terms upon payment of the Deposit.

PRICE:The prices of all Trips offered by Coca Life Adventure are as listed in the Coca Life Adventure offices and on the Coca Life Adventure website, and may be updated by Coca Life Adventure from time to time. All prices are based on double accommodation, an extra charge will be applied for single accommodation.

PAYMENT: Deposit: the Client may pay the Deposit using the following method: PayPal: using https://www.paypal.com/  the option must be selected to ‘send money to the address contabilidadcocalife@gmail.com, as a purchase of services, not a personal payment. 


PAYMENT VISA LINK (Visa-Mastercard-American Express-Diners Club) pay with card

BALANCE: Following payment of the Deposit, the balance payable for a Trip is due as follows For Treks and Day Tours: no more than 72 hours before the first day of the Trek, at the Coca Life Adventure Payments may be made in cash in USD or Peruvian soles (using the exchange rate on the day). If a Client is unable to comply with this clause, Coca Life Adventure must be notified at least 72 hours before the Trip and will have full discretion as to whether late payment will be permitted.

For Peru Itineraries: no less than two weeks before the start date of the Trip, using the PayPal method described in clause. If a Client is unable to comply with this clause, Coca Life Adventure must be notified at least two weeks before the Trip and will have full discretion as to whether late payment will be permitted.

 AVAILABLE DATES:When a Client sends a booking inquiry to Coca Life Adventure, they must provide a range of dates that they are available to travel. Coca Life Adventure will prioritize the Client’s preferential dates, however, the Client authorizes Coca Life Adventure to use any of the dates in the range provided by the Client to Book a Trip.

  • Inca Trail tours
  • alternative treks
  • Machu Picchu by trein

TRANSFERS: The Client is not permitted in any way whatsoever to transfer a Deposit, including to a different Trip, date, to any other person, or the balance of another Trip or person.

CANCELLATION: If a trip is canceled or a Client wishes to leave a Trip, for any reason, the Deposit and any balance paid will not be refundable,. If the Trip has been paid in full, there may be components that the Client can still use, such as the Machu Picchu entrance, train ticket, and bus ticket. Refunds will be provided for Day Tours as follows: 80% refund of the Deposit if Coca Life Adventure receives notice of the cancellation at least 30 days before the date of the Day Tour; 50% refund of the Deposit if Coca Life Adventure receives notice of the cancellation between 20 days before the date of the Day Tour; No refund of the Deposit will be provided if Coca Life Adventures receives notice of the cancellation less than 15 days before the date of the Day Tour.

ALTERATION BY: Coca Life Adventure the Client acknowledges that traveling in Peru requires flexibility, patience, and understanding that changes may be required. Coca Life Adventure may at any time alter a Trip’s itinerary, due to any circumstances that may occur beyond its reasonable control, and will not be liable for any such change. 

FORCE MAJEURE: Coca Life Adventure is not responsible or liable where any force majeure event or circumstance occurs which is beyond the control of Coca Life Adventure, including but not limited to acts of God, civil or military disturbances, extreme weather, technological interruptions, labor strikes, or acts of war or terrorism. The Client recognizes that Coca Life Adventure may need to alter, or even cancel, a Trip in response to a force majeure event or circumstance, and will not be liable for any such alteration or cancellation. 

PROTEST OR STRIKE EARLY DEPARTURE: In the event of a protest or a strike, which may affect the itinerary of a Trip, Coca Life Adventure, at its discretion, may decide to leave early for the Trip to provide the best service possible. In such cases, Coca Life Adventure will charge an increment to cover the extra costs incurred, such amount as to be determined by Coca Life Adventure, depending on the circumstances. 

HOLIDAY OR ELECTION EXTRA CHARGE: Where a Trip takes place on one or more of any of the following days, due to reasons of public holiday, or elections in Peru, an extra charge per person, per Trip will be applied: December 22, 23, 24, 25, 29, 30, 31, January 1, and any day that an election may fall on. The extra charge will be determined by COCA LIFE ADVENTURE (50.00 USD), and covers staff’s fines for missing elections, or is a bonus for staff missing a public holiday.

EVACUATION: If a Client is not able to complete a Trip, transport costs back to Cusco or the final destination of the Trip, in the case of a medical emergency will be covered by the Client. Any other loss, damage, or costs related to a Client’s evacuation from a Trip and additional emergency services will also be the Client’s responsibility. The Client agrees to abide by all Coca Life Adventure guides’ decisions in all circumstances where a Client needs to be evacuated for any reason from a Trip.


Insurance: Coca Life Adventure strongly recommends that the Client purchases adequate travel insurance to cover any cancellations, delays, medical expenses, emergencies, interruptions due to unforeseen circumstances, any loss or damage of personal possessions or equipment that may occur concerning a Trip. The Client acknowledges that the Client is responsible for all loss or damage suffered by the Client, except as expressly provided in these Terms.

The Client acknowledges that Trips are adventurous, and inherently involve a certain amount of personal risk, especially Treks. The Client accepts responsibility for all risks associated with a Trip and agrees to neither sue, nor be held liable in any way, Coca Life Adventure, or any of its employees for any loss, damage, or injury suffered by a Client concerning a Trip.

Guide authority: The Client agrees that our company guides have full and final authority on all matters and decisions about the Trip, and the Client will act in good faith to follow such authority and advice of Coca Life Adventure.

Preparation: The Client acknowledges that although Coca Life Adventure will act in good faith to assist the Client during the Trip, it is the Client’s sole responsibility to ensure that the Client is adequately prepared for the Trip with the correct gear, and any special medical or dietary requirements that he or she may require.

Passport Validity: The Client must ensure that their passport is valid for at least six months from the date of their arrival in Peru. This is a Peruvian government requirement, and failure to do so may result in permission being denied to enter the country.

Visa to visit Peru: It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure sure they organize and fulfill the visa requirements, if any, required for their entry and stay in Peru;

Acclimatization:The Client acknowledges Coca Life Adventure very strong recommendation that the Client stays in Cusco, or another high altitude city above 3,000 meters, for at least three days before starting a Trek. This will help minimize any possible effects of altitude sickness. 

GEAR:Coca Life Adventure requires that an additional price be paid by the Client to hire certain gear items that a Client borrows for a Trek. Such prices are listed our website and may be updated by Coca Life Adventure from time to time at its sole discretion. 

PORTERS ON THE INCA TRAIL: Coca Life Adventure uses porters on the Inca Trail to carry cooking equipment and tents. This does not include sleeping bags or sleeping mats, these are the Client’s responsibility. A Client may hire an extra porter to assist them in carrying their personal belongings, including their sleeping bag and sleeping mat, however, this will require payment of an extra cost, found on the website. 

LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: Coca Life Adventure total liability to the Client is limited, to the maximum extent permitted by law, to the amount of money paid to Coca Life Adventure by the Client. Coca Life Adventure will be in no way liable for any further loss or damage suffered by the Client except as expressly provided in these Terms. 

GOVERNING LAW: These Terms shall be governed by the laws of Peru and the Client and Coca Life Adventure agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of Peru concerning any dispute regarding these Terms.


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