Waqra Pucara

By: cocalife

Waqrapukara originates from Quechua words: Waqra meaning “horn” and Pukara meaning “Fortification”. We would then be able to conclude that Waqrapukara means “Stronghold of horns”. Yet there is an idea by local people that shows the post has no horns. However, that they are “the ears of a fire” declaring that it is consistently aware of what occurs around it, giving it the name “Llamapukara”.

The bends on the cut stone patios seem to hold the Waqra, which takes after a crown. In it, there is a cavern with Inca intercession and a little window, which shows the night sky, full of stars with Inca constellations, and planets.
It is at the head of a large gorge of the Apurímac River, an archeological landmark that is surrounded by stones that look like seats.

You can visit Waqrapukara by trekking for around 1 hour & 30 minutes on a trail that isn’t too difficult and worth the view once you get there. You can also do mountain biking in the same area!
It was named a National Cultural Heritage site in 2017 and is one of the best locations to experience in the high mountains.

Waqrapukara comprises of two structures:

The main structure is situated in the upper part, in the center where you can see two fenced-in areas that are isolated by a large focal space with two entrances.
It is outstanding how the stone arrangements were incorporated as a part of the entire structure. Dividers on the edge of the cliff make it follow to the natural rocks. Because of their engineering attributes, it seems they would relate to modern structures today.
The following gathering is situated in the lower part and includes 8 walls around 153 meters in length and a height of 1.80 meters that follow the geography of the landscape. At the west end, it presents two walled in areas with twofold jamba ranges, specialties, and fine apparatus. Another 5 walled in areas can be seen at the east end.

Area: The archeological landmark of Waqrapukara is situated in the area of Acos, the region of Acomayo – Cusco.


The “horns” ascend to 4,300 meters above ocean leve


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