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Cataratas de poc full day

Overview The experience of the Hike to the Poc Poc waterfall full day allows us to know part of the Sacred Valley of…

From $100.00

Ananiso Canyon A Day Tour

Overview you will truly enjoy the tour to Ananiso Canyon. This canyon is located about three hours and a half from Cusco, close…

From $10.00

Waqrapukara Full Day

Overview This archaeological center is a mixture of pre-Inca and Inca construction, therefore, it was built by the Qanchi ethnic group and in…

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From $55.00

Rainbow Mountain Full Day

Overview A fantastic day tour of trekking through lands of wild desert to the 7 Color/Rainbow mountain (5100m/missing  ft). Rainbow mountain is located…

From $100.00

South Valley Tour (Half Day)

This tour combines beautiful natural landscapes, Inkan architecture in Tipon, pre-Inka Wari architecture in Pikillacta, and the beautiful chapel known as the Sistine…

From $100.00

Sacred Valley Tours (Full Day)

Overview The Sacred Valley is one of the most beautiful places in Peru. There are towns with Inkan terraces, fields of giant Andean…

From $100.00


Overview We specialize in the Incredible Rainbow Mountains Of Peru. … The painted Ausangate mountain is also considered to be holy and believed…

From $100.00

Q’eswachaka Day Tour

Overview Nature lovers will be pleased to know that there is a hidden world stunning in the south of Cusco. This area full…

From $50.00


Overview Pallay Ponchu from Apu T’acllo. They are an impressive mountain range with sharp points, geological formations sculpted by the passage of time;…

From $100.00

Humantay Lake A Day Tour

Overview The ancestors of this sacred lake call you. Look very carefully at the photo above. Can you see the faces of the…

From $55.00
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