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Coca life adventure is a serious and formal company in the tourist market in cusco, all our workers are important pieces for the company, we respect and value them because we consider that beyond being workers they are human beings who have feelings and emotions ,we are a company that not only seeks to exceed the expectations of our clients who are our priority but also to achieve a pleasant atmosphere of happy and committed workers with the company to provide an excellent customer service.

We are a family and a great team, we want to convey to our Travelers all the good vibes and achieve a balance where as many of our workers as our customers feel happy and proud of Coca life adventure.


Our drivers are people who have been carefully selected, have all the requirements and documentation according to law and our internal policies to make your adventure a safe and enjoyable trip.


Peruvian cuisine is one of the richest and best known worldwide, certainly the best way to enjoy it is by doing the Inca trail and alternate routes , coca life adveture has no chefs ,we have MASTERCHEFS ,our team has all the experience in the handling and preparation of food ,lose care and let us show you our culture through our delicious dishes of mountain coast and jungle, food fusion , Novo Andina among others ,for our master chefs there is no word NO,CAN NOT ,if you have food restrictions ,allergies,vegetarian,began,fruits, etc ,They will have no inconvenience in preparing your food.

Do not stay with the desire to discover the most delicious flavors of our Peru, doing Inca way or alternate routes 


our team is made up of very prepared people with a lot of experience in the field of tourism, graduates of the best universities and institutes of Cusco ,will make your trip a unique and unforgettable experience from start to finish.


Our porters are the backbone of the company. They are a team of over 200 professionals who work tirelessly at coca life adventure. The majority of our porters live in communities far from the city, and we aim to help generate more work, opportunities, and equal rights for them to integrate into society seamlessly. They are a strong group of people who work with honesty, honor, and humility and are important ambassadors of the Incan culture – most of them speak Quechua as their mother tongue. We treat our porters with the highest level of respect and continually invest in their personal and professional growth; in fact, part of the money we receive from our customers for the trail packages goes directly towards the education of our porters. We are focused on providing them with fair opportunities for advanced studies for them to pursue their interests and to possibly become star guides within the company. As such, we are the only agency that goes the extra mile to help our porters develop and thrive in society without discrimination. They are hardworking, noble beings who are keen to share the rich culture of the Incas – come and get to know them (and some Quechua!) through our incredible experiences.


Our guides are the heart of the company and are full of knowledge surrounding the local culture and more. They are charismatic, professional individuals who come with years of experience and are some the best we have in Cusco. You will discover the culture, history, and so much more on each of our tours with our amazing guides.

This is coca life adventure, a company formed to take you on an unforgettable journey into the world of the Incas.

Why Choose Coca Life Adventure?

We are focused on the environment. You will enjoy evironmental activities that are part of the COCA LIFE ADVENTURE

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